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The choice is yours ... host family, apartment or studio, hotel, B&Bs, camping, etc.


accommodation Depending on the type of course and the course location different types of accommodation are possible. The majority of our students choose accommodation in a host home or a hotel, but on request we can also arrange other forms of accommodation ranging from trailers in camp grounds to holiday flats or even yachts. Students can also arrange their own accommodation if they wish.

Good, carefully selected host families

accommodation in a host family One could almost call it the traditional type of student accommodation: students staying with host families. This has, of course, the advantage that the student will not not only learn the new language at school, but also in an informal relaxed environment in everyday life ... this may even start with little things like asking for another slice of toast at breakfast. This is an excellent way of reinforcing and extending those skills learned during lessons. Staying in a host home is also a very good way not only to learn the language, but to get to know the country, its people and the culture.

accommodation in a host family Students should of course not forget that being a guest in a family is not like staying in a hotel and that room service cannot be expected. Anyone who recognizes this, will get along well with his or her family.

A language course can even be the beginning of a lifetime friendship. Many former students are still in constant contact with their host family after many years.

accommodation in a host family Our host families have all been carefully selected and are experienced in dealing with foreign students. Additionally, all host families are carefully checked several times even after they have been approved, and the host families in England and Scotland are also regularly reviewed by independent bodies.

accommodation in a host family Staying in a host home is also a great way to sample the local cuisine. Students staying with a host family will be provided with breakfast, a packed lunch and an evening meal. And do not worry, English food is not nearly as bad as its reputation - on the contrary. If a special diet is required, we'll be happy to consider this when selecting a host family for you. Please specify if you have any allergies or if you are a vegetarian at the time of booking the course.

accommodation in a a family Students are normally accommodated in twin rooms. Students who are travelling with a friend or relative may request to stay together. When students travel alone we endeavour to find a room partner of the same sex and similar age, and whenever possible we try to accommodate students of different nationalities together. Students can, if they wish, book a single room and/or the accommodation as the only student of his or her nationality. This type of booking guarantees not only a single room, but also that they will be the only student of that nationality staying in their host home. A single supplement is payable for this service.

Host homes are located as near to the school as possible. Although some students walk to school, the majority of students take a local bus. Special student bus passes are available at a special reduced rate and can be bought at the Teaching Centre every Monday.

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 Premium Host Families

accommodation in a host family Adult students can choose to book accommodation in a Premium Host Family. These families offer an even higher standard. Students are accommodated in a single room and have access to their own private bath room. These are special host families who also meet the requirements of business people.

Premium Host Families are a real alternative to a hotel. Students get all the benefits of a host family, without losing out on comfort. They can get to know the people and the culture while improving their language skills outside the classroom.

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 Apartments and Studios

accommodation in an apartment If desired, student accommodation can also be arranged in apartments. On Malta, these are the school's own apartments, and in other course towns, accommodation is in private apartments. Apartments can be reserved for single accommodation or are shared by several students.

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 Bed & Breakfast | Hostels | Hotels | Other Types of Accommodation

accommodation in a hotel For adult students and business executives who prefer to stay in a B&B or hotel we can offer accommodation in either tourist or business class hotels. Or how about staying on a camp ground or maybe a yacht? Almost everything is possible. Just ask!

For example, accommodation in Torbay ranges from small B&Bs to the the famous 5-star Imperial Hotel, which was the setting of several Agatha Christie novels.

Hotels are normally booked on a bed and breakfast basis, but dinner, bed&breakfast arrangements can also be booked. The cost of hotel accommodation is considerably more than staying in a host home. Rates are quoted individually according to the category, location and requirements of the student.