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English for Business and Professional Purposes | Français des affaires
(minimum age: 18 years, or 21/25 years for selected courses)

At selected course centres, we offer special courses for business professionals who whish to improve their language skills in as little time as possible.

business lessons Just take a look at our Business Course Fees; alternatively, we'll be happy to send you a personal quote for a course tailored to your individual needs.

Our Business English Courses provide specialised tuition on a small group or one-to-one basis. These courses are specifically aimed at students who need to use English in a business environment.

Specialised professional courses are available for medical and legal professions, banking and finance, among others. Business and Professional courses are ideal for every employee - from junior staff to exectutives.

For example, General English PLUS Business Option Courses are suitable for secretaries, while Total Immersion One-to-One Business Courses are for managers.
Business Correspondance provides students with the opportunity to learn business terms, communication skills, and British business customs. English instruction is presented thematically for different business functions in the office; and new technological media in communication is taught to practice writing for international business purposes.
Business Presentation helps the students develop the language strategies necessary for business situations by using realistic activities which will increase the students' confidence in speaking. Students explore contemporary business issues while realizing oral competency in key communication areas such as phone conferences, meetings, international trade and working together.
E-business focuses on the differences between traditional commerce and electronic commerce. Students will develop their English proficiency as it pertains to the Internet, electronic commerce and logistical support.

receptions area in one of our Business Course Centres Motivated teachers and an efficient administration promote an atmosphere conducive to learning.

Class levels vary from elementary to advanced and a careful screening process is carried out to ensure that everyone is placed in a class suitable to their ability in English.

Clients are asked to complete a written test before they arrive. On the first morning they are also assessed by means of informal interviews with the teachers and other course members.

intensive small group lessons A needs analysis is also conducted before a client arrives. This is to determine particular needs and interests. The course content clearly varies from client to client and from class to class because of different needs and requirements

Textbooks and text materials appropriate to the client's needs are included. Other sources of material include numerous specialised business based and general text materials and textbooks.

Business course students may also use our wireless broadband connections with their laptop computers.

In addition to that, Europro Language offers high quality business accommodation that can be ordered when the courses is booked.